#Flashlore 11

“Nicka, nicka, nan
Give me some pancake and I’ll be gone…”

– Cornish Rhyme

According to superstition, you must eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, followed by peas on Ash Wednesday to guarantee money coming in all year. To be sure, on Nickanan Night in the Isles of Scilly, it looks like the locals don’t dare skimp on the peas, as this evening is celebrated by eating pea and ham soup.

Painting of a Carnival evening, with bunting and fairy lights.

Sources: Opie, Iona & Tatem, Moira (1989) Dictionary of Superstitions. Hole, Christina (1976) British Folk Customs.

Image: Ashworth, Walter (1937) Carnival Night, Memorial Park, Coventry. Available HERE.

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