The first look of Superstition Sam, by illustrator Rhi Wynter.

Thank you all for these past two and a half years of #SuperstitionSat!

Thank you for your time, your loyalty and support. There were bumps along the road, like a perpetual confusion with our hashtag and we never really reached the numbers of other days of the week, but seeing some of you again and again every Saturday really made it all worthwhile.

As we seek to be taken a wee bit more seriously so that we can continue our work with museums and heritage, in 2023 we will be transforming into a much more fluid and personal endeavour, to be compatible with school as well as other projects outside of the narrow scope of Twitter. 

Which is why we have decided to rebrand a little bit, as well as ceasing to host #SuperstitionSat on Twitter. We know some of you will be disappointed by the end of the hashtag, but #BookWormSat will still be there to keep you company on Saturdays, so just hop on over!

As for Superstition Sam, keep an eye out for his upcoming makeover coming SOON, as well as a new everydayish hashtag that will ensure we will always find each other — whether that’s on Twitter, Instagram, or even our Blog. Not to mention our upcoming project with Signe Maene from Bookworm Saturday, right?!

As we used to say on our Highlights: whether you’re old, new or just passing through, thank you so much for stopping by. Your presence has been much appreciated on our #SuperstitionSat Sessions. Do take care! It’s scary out there. 

Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year!

– Superstition Sam