#SuperstitionSat Highlights: World Tour 2022 – North America & Europe

Happy Sunday! Welcome to our pick of the Highlights of our last World Tour Session, looking at superstitions from North America and the European Continent. This was the final stop of our digital adventure around the globe to discover all the wonderful beliefs of the varied cultures of our planet. Our first Highlight was shared … Continue reading #SuperstitionSat Highlights: World Tour 2022 – North America & Europe

#SuperstitionSat Highlights: The Oldest Superstitions

Welcome to another round-up of highlights from our sessions! Yesterday's theme was 'The Oldest Superstitions' - looking for beliefs from ancient peoples and civilizations that we might still remember and use today. Our first highlight was this tweet from Olivia Armstrong, as it reminded me of one of my favourite superstitions: that if you don't … Continue reading #SuperstitionSat Highlights: The Oldest Superstitions