#SuperstitionSat Highlights: Easter, Passover & Other Seasonal Festivities

Hello and welcome back to a pick of our #SuperstitionSat Sessions' Highlights once more. Today is Easter Day, so I hope you are having a nice time, if you are celebrating it. It is also Passover right now, as well as Ramadan, so our theme yesterday (16/04/22) was superstitions about Easter, Passover & Other Seasonal … Continue reading #SuperstitionSat Highlights: Easter, Passover & Other Seasonal Festivities

#SuperstitionSat Highlights: The Oldest Superstitions

Welcome to another round-up of highlights from our sessions! Yesterday's theme was 'The Oldest Superstitions' - looking for beliefs from ancient peoples and civilizations that we might still remember and use today. Our first highlight was this tweet from Olivia Armstrong, as it reminded me of one of my favourite superstitions: that if you don't … Continue reading #SuperstitionSat Highlights: The Oldest Superstitions