#SuperstitionSat Highlights: Fruits

Hello, and welcome back to another round of our Session’s Highlights. Yesterday (02/07), we shared your fresh superstitions about Fruits.

I didn’t get my five-a-day yesterday, so I can’t quite manage our usual post format, where we look at each superstition in detail. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this selection!

Tweet by Rivka, with the following:

"If the sun shines through an apple tree on Christmas Day, there will be a plentiful crop of apples in the coming year."
Tweet by Rivka. Illustration credit Arthur Rackham.
Tweet by Tina, with the following:

"Heading to sea to fish? Don't take along bananas. It's said crews on fishing boats wont't catch anything is bananas are on board."
Tweet by Tina. Illustration credit François Froger.
Tweet by Natalja Saint-Germain, with the following:

"An old Scottish divination on the future spouse: divide an apple into 9 pieces, eat 8 of them with the back to a mirror, whilst looking in it over the left shoulder. Then throw the 9th piece over that shoulder Someone will appear in the mirror to pick it up."
Tweet by Natalja Saint-Germain. Illustration credit Mihaela Dulea.

Thanks to everyone that keeps coming along for #SuperstitionSat. Whether you’re old, new or just passing through, your presence is very much appreciated and I am glad to see you stop by. Do join us again next week (09/07) with superstitions about


See you next Saturday!
– Superstition Sam 🐾