#SuperstitionSat Highlights: Flowers

Another #SuperstitionSat Session has passed and so we are here once again for some more Highlights. Yesterday (26/03/22), you shared the superstitions and symbolism you’ve heard about Flowers.

My favourite is the bluebell, and I am looking forward to seeing them in season very soon. Being that the case, the first highlight for me was this tweet from Bard of Cumberland. It is said that bluebells ring when the good folk are near – one of the reasons why they are considered a fairy’s flower. But as the Bard shared, wearing them in a garland or wreath is also said to compel the wearer to tell the truth, and to be honest, that sounds really useful to me.

Tweet by Bard of Cumberland. Photo credit unknown.

The second highlight was from Ioanna Papadopoulou, who recalled a children’s game with dandelions where the amount of seeds that clung to the stem after you blew on the puffy flower was a foretelling of how many children you were going to have as a grown-up. In Portugal, we had a similar game with the seeds of darnel ryegrass. You would ask a friend to turn around and throw the seeds at their back, making the number of descendants determined by how many seeds clung to the clothing. Games like these are found in so many cultures of our world, and I really like folklore and superstitions that show how connected we are to each other even in far away places.

Tweet by Ioanna Papadopoulou. Photo credit in original tweet.

Our third highlight came all the way from Alaska and northwest Canada, as shared by Fireside Canada. There, the fireweed is said to grow on land that was once blazed by wildfires, making it symbolical of renewal and transformation. Fireside Canada added that there is also a proverb associated with this wildflower – “When the fireweed turns to cotton, Summer is soon forgotten”. It gave me a sense of the beauty of passing seasons in that corner of the world, and a nostalgia of late Summer days, which are just a few months away too when you think about it.

Tweet by Fireside Canada. Photo credit unknown.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed the highlighted retweets, as well as all others. You already know that whether you’re old, new or just passing through, your presence is very much appreciated and I am glad to see you stop by. Hope you can join us again next week for a topsy turvy upside down choice of theme, prompted by April Fools Day. Next Saturday, 2nd of April, tells us the


you have ever heard or know about! Until then, take good care of yourself and each other.
– Superstition Sam 🐾