#SuperstitionSat Highlights: Spring & the Equinox

Welcome back to another selection of Highlights of our #SuperstitionSat Sessions. Yesterday’s theme was Spring and the Equinox, to commemorate the arrival of this new season to the Northern Hemisphere! There is something in common between all of the tweets we selected for today. We will let you make a guess and provide the answer at the end of the article. Teehee!

Our first highlight was from Elsa, who coincidentally, posted at the exact same time that I was gifted a bouquet of daffodils! Elsa recounted superstitions about this yellow flower, which is said to be better left untrodded as that might bring you bad luck, and that it should always be gifted in a bouquet for the same reason.

Tweet by Elsa. Photo credit unknown.

Our second highlight was from chalkhorsemusic, who told us of a custom from Sussex to call hazel catkins “lamb’s tails”. Catkins sprout out of hazel trees in late Winter, as well as silver birch and white willow. They start off as green and slowly progress to yellow as their pollen is blown away by the wind to fertilise other trees. They’re usually long and slim and fluffy-looking too, so that’s probably why they are likened to a lamb’s tail!

Tweet by chalkhorsemusic. Photo credit unknown.
Photo of a lamb looking at the ocean by Sylvain Cleymans on Unsplash.

Our final highlight was from Sherry Perkins, who shared a belief about the yellow blooms of the forsithia tree, heralding the end of the Winter and the last three snowfalls as they appear. I think that forsithias are beautiful. What do you think?

Tweet by Sherry Perkins. Photo credit to author.

Oh, yes. Remember the common denominator that we said was present in all of yesterday’s highlights? Have you guessed it yet? It’s the colour yellow! We love yellow, it’s the colour of my signature scarf – and we also love Spring. In fact, we love it so much that our theme next week is going to be


I hope you will join us again next week. I’m looking forward to it.

Take care of yourselves,
– Superstition Sam 🐾