#SuperstitionSat Highlights: Cats (for the Year of the Tiger)

We’re back for another pick of the highlights of our sessions. Yesterday, the theme was Cats – domesticated or wild, we wanted to hear about them all, to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Tiger earlier this week. We are starting with a tweet by Jane Hoodless, who relayed to us a grim tale that a cat is believed to have eaten Thomas Hardy’s heart when he died and so, undertakers buried the cat as well!

Tweet by Jane Hoodless. Photo credit unknown.

For our second highlight, justafaun told us about another buried cat, but this time with a lot more pomp and ceremony. It’s the story of Prince Thutmose’s cat, and how felines were treated with reverence in Ancient Egypt. So much so, that there is a depiction of this royal cat in the Prince’s sarcophagus. He is even wearing a scarf! Now that is quite the coincidence, don’t you think? I wonder if I am his reincarnation…

Tweet by justafaun. Photo credit in original tweet.

Our final highlight was shared by Willow Winsham. As you might know by now, I’m partial to all tweets that say that black cats are lucky. I was born in a country where they were considered very unlucky, so it always gladens me to see them being treated well. Here, Willow told us of a superstition from Scarborough, where fishermen’s wives kept cats like me to ensure their loved ones returned safely. No need to slink us though – we’ll make sure there’s enough luck for everyone.

Tweet by Willow Winsham. Photo credit in original tweet.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s highlights. It’s always really hard to just pick three – you all do a fantastic job at enriching everyone’s timelines with lore. Thank you for participating, and I hope to see you next week for a new theme:


Until then, take care of yourselves!
– Superstition Sam 🐾