#SuperstitionSat Highlights: Health and Healing

It’s time to look at all of your contributions to yesterday’s theme, Health and Healing. As usual, we have another round of highlights for you. We’re starting with this gentle reminder from Priscilla Hernandez to spend more time in Nature, perhaps even following the Japanese belief of Shirin-Yoku. This tweet included a link to a song by Priscilla. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Tweet by Priscilla Hernandez. Photo by author.

Next, we travelled to Norway with Titania, who told us that, according to the ‘hag’s advice’, one should eat 20 peppercorns to stave off the beginnings of cold symptoms. Ouch!

Tweet by Titania. Photo credit in original tweet.

We did some more travelling – this time, to Galicia with Beira Atlántica and a belief passed on by their own grandmother. In this corner of the Iberian Peninsula, laying in the dew-covered grass on the morning of St John’s Day is said to have healing properties. Mind the forenoon chill though, because you’re advised to have your skin directly in contact with the ground!

Tweet by Beira Atlántica. Photo credit unknown.

We usually do three highlights – but this week, we have a fourth one for you to celebrate our first guest blog post written by Natalja Saint-Germain! Colder countries have a custom of bathing in ice-holes. Here, we were told about how that practice came to be in Russia.

Tweet by Natalja Saint-Germain. Photo credit in original tweet.

While you’re at it, check out Natalja’s article on the Superstition Saturday Guest Blog: The Master of Your Home – Russian Superstitions about the Domovoy. As for us, we’ll be eagerly anticipating your contributions to our theme next week:

CATS (for the Year of the Tiger)

Have a lovely week!
– Superstition Sam 🐾