#SuperstitionSat Highlights: Money and Prosperity

Welcome back to another round of Highlights of our #SuperstitionSat sessions on Twitter. This week’s (22/01/22) theme was Money and Prosperity and I really enjoyed these three posts below.

The first, a snippet of superstitions from Central Europe, as Nordby told us that there is an old custom to carry a carp’s scale on your purse all-year-round to make sure you never find yourself penniless. I like carrying odds and bits and charms in my bag too, so I really enjoyed reading about this.

Tweet by Nordby. Photo credit unknown.

Our regular contributor Olivia Armstrong shared a retail superstition that left some readers worried about Health and Safety! Hopefully, shop-keepers only do the spitting sound these days, eh?

Tweet by Olivia Armstrong. Photo credit “April Fool Girl with Shop-keeper” by Norman Rockwell (1948).

And finally, a short thread by another of our long-time contributors, curious ordinary. They specialise in Japanese folklore and yesterday they told us a tale concerning money and one of my favourite creatures, the Tanuki (Racoon Dog). What? Yes, I like dogs, what about it? Anyway, it is said that Racoon Dogs can shapeshift into many forms, so make sure you find one that can turn into a kettle!

Tweet by curious ordinary. Photo credits included in link on original tweet.

I went to Japan once and I can’t tell you how excited I was to find Tanuki-san and get his autograph. And here is the picture we took together! I really like the yellow background here too, it brings out my eyes.

Superstition Sam with Tanuki-san.

That is all for today! Please join us next week for more superstitions. Our theme for next Saturday, 29th of January will be:


Have a great week!
– Superstition Sam 🐾